Social Media Marketing and Advertising Agency for NJ Businesses

Grow Your Local Follower Base

Social media marketing provides a simple, yet effective solution to expand your digital footprint. With a strong campaign, you can optimize your visibility on the world’s leading channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 


As these platforms evolve, it has become easier than ever for the right people to find your business. Successfully managing your profiles ensures that the greatest number of potential customers have the chance to discover your brand. Returning customers can also remain engaged with your content and stay up to date with your business activity.


A Two-Pronged Plan of Attack

Our team leverages both innovative advertising strategies and powerful organic content to reach your target audience. Our social media marketing agency team will help establish your presence and develop campaigns that reach the right NJ users. With the constant ebb and flow of the internet, you should have a team in your corner to keep your accounts active. 


We’ll help you recreate the warmth of local business on the web. Join the conversation and showcase your brand to the local community. At, we’ll leverage your social presence to attract locals who don’t know you and keep the ones who do coming back!

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Engage with your followers

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Grow your audience

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Create buzz for new promotions and products

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Gain more customers 

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Expand your digital presence

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Manage a dynamic advertising campaign within your budget


We are the social media marketing agency for NJ businesses. Each of our expert analysts are longtime Garden State residents and understand the unique aspects of our local markets. Here are some valuable additional benefits we can offer:

NJ-Specific Strategy

You want to work with a team that understands your local customer base. We live right in the neighborhoods you’re looking to reach!

Multi-Location Management

Do you operate a multi-location business or franchise? We’ll ensure that each one receives its proper attention across all social channels.

Budget-Specific Campaign Strategy

Our analysts are experts at optimizing performance relative to our clients’ budgets. This helps drive your ROI in a scalable format.

READY TO GET SOCIAL is the local division of Traffic Builders, AdWeek’s second-fastest growing agency in the world. Our team leverages our global expertise and brings it to our local neighbors. Let’s expand your social presence.