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The Guide to Local Service Ads for Lawyers in NJ

Google’s Local Service Ads allow local lawyers to showcase their services to relevant search users. These verified listings help foster stronger brand recognition and credibility for your firm.

Today, we’re going to cover the basics of Google’s Local Service Ads and how they can benefit your own legal practice. First, let’s cover how these types of ads work.

How Do Google’s Local Service Ads Work?

Local Service Ads function as a lead generation channel for qualified professionals. They are intended to help your firm earn new clients by placing your business information in front of users that are searching for terms highly relevant to your business.

A Local Service Ad will display the following information about your business:

  • Name of your legal practice

  • A photo of you, your law firm, logo, etc.

  • Average review rating

  • Google Guaranteed verification

  • Operating hours

  • Your law firm’s location

  • A call button to immediately contact your office

Local Service Ads also fast-track the way leads can contact you. When a user clicks on your ad, they can call your law firm’s number or send you a direct message. This message can be accessed via the Local Service Ads app or the email address your Google account is tied to.

Once a client hires you, they are then able to leave a review of your firm. These are then shared on your Local Service Ad profile to grow your reputation among search users.

Get Google Guaranteed to Enhance Your Credibility

When you sign up for Local Service Ads, Google goes through a verification process to ensure that your business is credible and legitimate. Once Google completes its internal review and approves your business, you will receive a Google Guarantee designation on your profile.

The Google Guarantee assures search users that your practice is legitimate and credible. This helps your business by improving consumer confidence and may inspire potential clients to contact you for legal services.

Cost of Google Local Service Ads

The cost of a Local Service Ad campaign is directly tied to the budget that you set. Factors like location and industry may also affect overall expenses. You only pay for the number of leads you want to generate, when you generate them.

To see a clearer picture of your estimated costs, use Google’s Cost Tool.

Why Use Local Service Ads?

Local service ads can provide your law firm with a variety of benefits to help drive more leads that can ultimately become new clients. These are Google’s top reasons to use Local Service Ads:

Have Your Law Firm Appear at the Top of Search Results

Google’s first page is the most desirable digital real estate across the entire internet. The overwhelming majority of organic website traffic comes from page-one rankings. With Local Service Ads, you can cut through the noise and position your law firm before organic results.

Connect with Qualified Leads

Local Service Ads are served to search users that are looking for the services you offer. These individuals are most likely to contact your law firm for more information about your business. This both drives more qualified leads to your practice and also more efficiently utilizes your advertising budget.

Easy Setup

When you’re working on important cases, taking the time to set up an ad campaign can feel like the last objective you want to tackle on your to-do list. Fortunately, Google’s Local Service Ads uses a simple interface for a frictionless user experience.

Intuitive Mobile App

The Local Service Ads app allows you to control your profile on-the-go. You can message potential clients through the app directly and view all other relevant data regarding your campaigns from a centralized hub.

Instant Credibility

You know that your law firm is a credible business. However, when your potential clients are comparing you against your competitors, having the assurance of Google Guarantee can strengthen your brand online. Google Guarantee offers a reliable third-party verification that you run a credible and trustworthy practice.

Only Pay for Leads

Unlike traditional advertising tactics, Local Service Ads are only served to people most likely to convert as leads. When your ad generates a lead, that is when you pay. Until then, you do not have to actively spend on ad impressions.

Customers Choose Your Business

When your Local Service Ad generates a lead, this indicates that a customer has actively chosen to engage with your business. These are more qualified leads that have already demonstrated an interest in your firm.

What Kind of Lawyers Can Use Local Service Ads?

Depending on the country, Google limits the types of professionals that can list their business through Local Service Ads. In the United States, these types of lawyers are allowed to advertise through this platform:

  • Bankruptcy lawyers

  • Business lawyers

  • Contract lawyers

  • Criminal lawyers

  • Disability lawyers

  • DUI lawyers

  • Estate lawyers

  • Family lawyers

  • Immigration lawyers

  • Intellectual property (IP) lawyers

  • General law firms

  • Labor lawyers

  • Litigation lawyers

  • Personal injury lawyers

  • Real estate lawyers

  • Traffic lawyers

Best Practices for Local Service Ads

Ensure Your Business Information is Updated

Check in on your Local Service Ad frequently to ensure your law firm’s information is as upt-to-date as possible. If you ever move offices, change your phone number, or any other shift that might affect the client experience, be sure to update it on your Local Service Ad profile immediately.

Respond to Messages in a Timely Manner

When a potential client reaches out to your firm through your Local Service Ad, respond as soon as you are able to. If you take days to reply, they may have already decided to hire a competing lawyer instead.

Perform Ongoing Optimizations

As your Local Service Ad campaign begins generating leads for your business, monitor its progress, and don’t hesitate to make adjustments as needed. For example, if you are generating more leads than you anticipated, you may want to increase the budget you originally allocated for the campaign.

Use a High-Quality Photo for Your Listing

Ensure that the featured image you use for your Local Service Ad is crisp, clear, and professional. Avoid using grainy or stretched-out images as well as any cell phone photos. Include a human subject in the photo, whether you or your legal team, to show potential clients who you are.

Better Local Service Ads for Your NJ Law Firm

Local Service Ads can prove a strong method for generating qualified leads, especially on the local level. By utilizing a digital channel with quick click-to-call functionality, Google-powered targeting, third-party verification, and scalable costs, you can drive more quality engagement for your law firm.

As with any advertising campaign, however, Google Local Service Ads always work best when paired with a full suite of digital services. To learn more about launching your own local campaign for your law firm, reach out any time.



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